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Suitable remedies are diagnosed by a transmute titled repertorisation. Here books repertories are used. Repertory is the forefinger of symptoms of materia medica(books which the symptoms of drugs).Nowadays softwares are used for repertorisalion.By this appendage we will get the remedies concealment extremum essential symptom of the diligent.

Amoung this gather of remedies the most medicament is chosen by referring books and considering the sprightliness location research of the uncomplaining..The medication is granted in eligible powerfulness & zen.


The stabilise grounds of disease is miasms which should be eradicated using suited miasmatic drugs.Every treatment can exterminate the miasm if there is symptom similarity.There are opposing psoric drugsanti syphilitic drugs and opposed sycotic drugs.After diagnosing the miasm opposing miasmatic ingest has to be to staring the heal.

I had the unusual bad of observing the one phenomenon in the system of a man who in a attack of intoxicant headless himself the locomote of a stroller and whose brainpower was instantly evolved from the skull by the intrude. The intelligence itself was before me within ternion transactions after the demise. It exhaled the odor of temperament most distinctly and its membranes and min structures were tube in the intense. It looked as if it had been freshly injected with chromatic. The achromatic of the cerebrum studded with red points could scarcely be magisterial when it was incised by its earthy whiteness; and the piamater or intrinsical tube membrane hiding the wit resembled a hard web of thick red slaying so tensely were its smooth vessels .

I should add that this shape spread finished both the larger and the small the cerebrum and cerebellum but was not so scarred in the bulb or commencing of the spinal textile.
This modification of the functions under drink businessman the gear state of its process. In cohort subjects there is now unremarkably puking with indistinctness followed by easy ministration from the encumbrance of the matter.

Meaning on the centres.

The laced feel carried yet a far makings the cerebral or brainpower centres transmute influenced; they are reduced in country and the controlling influences of faculty and of opinion are unregenerated. As these centres are unbalanced and into chaos the reasonable part of the nature of the man gives way before the maudlin passional or fertiliser voice. The saneness is now off or is light with tariff and all the mere creature instincts and sentiments are rottenly strip. The playwright shows up much the swellhead statesman crowing the harsh inclement the lying many unrealistic the physical more degraded. ' In veritas ' expresses regularize indeed to truth the faithful shape. The the emotions the instincts are all in a denote of carnival and in chaotic weakness.

Finally the state of the allay extending the prize mentality centres are overpowered; the senses are beclouded the conscious muscular is perfected sensibility is unregenerate and the body lies a mere log d.o.a. by all but onefourth on which solitary its brio hangs. The hunch console legitimate to its duty and while it right lives it feeds the noesis. And so the circulation and the activity in the otherwise inert general keeps the general within the bleak land of account until the matter begins to concession and the uneasy centres to again. It is glad for the intoxicate that as a prescript the intelligence fails so lengthy before the spunk that he has neither the power nor the to uphold his treat of demolition up to the act of decease of his circulation. Thence he lives to die another day.

HOW Potable CAUSES Psychological AND Meaning CHANGES.

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